After more then 12 years affiliated with Savena and Design Studio International,simply stated, the integrity of the design and the construction is, second to none.

Bill Culler


We hired Design Studio International for our kitchen and laundry room renovation after carefully evaluating plans and specs from several companies. The plan they presented was by far the best and laid out a plan that would create an amazing kitchen and laundry room utilizing the space in the most efficient way.
Their team did a fantastic job, was easy to work with and always listened to our concerns. It was a pleasure to work with a company that was so professional but also felt like we were working with old friends. All the people on their team were pleasant and their workmanship was top notch. In the end we got out dream kitchen and laundry room and it by far exceeded our expectations.
I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering any type of home renovation.

Richard Hugel


Savena Doychinov and Design Studio International provided an outstanding design for our kitchen and 1st floor renovation. She created a design that made excellent use of the limited floor space, and enabled us to have a completely updated kitchen that fit in with the original design of our 1940 colonial home.
Savena also provided oversight during all phases of the construction, working with the general contractor to ensure her design was implemented correctly. When the contractor made new discoveries during the demolition and we needed to make minor adjustments to the plan Savena made all the necessary modifications and communicated them to the general contractor.
We could not be more satisfied with the final results of our kitchen and 1st floor renovation. Savena’s design met our every requirement, and resulted in a beautiful kitchen that is convenient, functional and elegant.

B Carlson


I am very happy to provide this review for Savena Doychinov, principal designer of Design Studio International, LLC, which hopefully conveys the positive experience I had. Savena redesigned my entire one-bedroom apartment at a luxury hi-rise condominium in Arlington, Va. When I walk in the front door, I am struck each time by the incredible beauty she helped me create. The design’s transition from room to room flows easily, and I could not be happier with the result.

From the beginning, Savena emphasized the importance of planning and impressed upon me how a beautiful result can only result from a meticulous plan that is well-executed. Based upon my renovation experience, I have discovered that this principle is totally true. Given the opportunity, she can transform a living space for you, just as she did for me.

Savena works in a collaborative way so that the final result really feels like an expression of her client’s taste and aesthetic. My newly remade apartment is completely me. I am very proud of it and feel great when I walk in the front door.

Another of Savena’s key attributes is that she is passionate about designing, She deeply cares about her clients, and she is devoted to delivering both a beautiful and functional renovation. She gives generously of herself throughout the process because she wants the very best for her clients.

In addition, her knowledge of construction and all the technical aspects of renovation is amazing. There are so many choices to make throughout the process, in terms of selecting equipment (appliances, plumbing products, tile, wood, paint, lighting, cabinets) and the way in which the elements need to be installed. I am deeply grateful that Savena was by my side to help navigate the many technical decisions that must be made, while at the same time ensuring a good fit both aesthetically and functionally.

Her husband and partner, Dimitri Doychinov, as a project manager, supervises and ensures the quality of their installations. Unfortunately, when I began my process, Dimitri was not available, so I chose another installer. If I were to do it again, I would have waited for Dimitri. The contractor I hired to follow Savena’s design, turned out to be terrible and made mind boggling mistakes. The only good news was that Savena saved my renovation by finding his mistakes before it was too late to make the modifications required. I happily terminated the first installer and hired Dimitri to redo substantial portions of the work and complete what had not been done. I truly wish I had used Dimitri from the beginning as it would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation. I shudder to think what I would have done had Savena not discovered the installation problems. Savena really knows her stuff, and you can put her up against even the most top notch installer, and it is more likely than not that she either knows more or is equally knowledgeable. It is incredibly important to have a designer with this kind of expertise because a beautiful plan that is not properly installed or executed will be mediocre at best. I have high expectations, and I want them met. Based upon my personal experience, I am confident that Savena and Dimitri can deliver that result.

If these attributes alone are not enough, let me add one final thought. Savena looks at space and can see possibilities that are not obvious to the untrained eye of the average homeowner. I loved the way she helped me think outside the box when evaluating choices for the space. She helped me learn to be solution-oriented when both choosing and executing the design, since every space has its own inherent limitations. This ability helps get the most out of the space. She vets all the possibilities, so in the end, there are no regrets, and no stone is left unturned.

So, if you are searching for a seamless look that flows and reflects your individuality and if you want high quality results, Savena is an excellent choice for your designer. I am grateful for all of her guidance, expertise, and caring about my space. I also saw several other projects completed by Savena and Dimitri, and they were all stunning in their own right. Different styles, different materials, different taste, but each was very beautiful and functional. For all of these reasons, Savena and Dimitri Doychinov have earned my highest recommendation and my deepest gratitude.



After thorough planning and detailed preparation, Design Studio International completed my kitchen and laundry room project on time and on budget. They have transformed the spaces into functional, bright and luxurious rooms which have surpassed my greatest expectations. Every inch of space has been planned out and both rooms are exceptional.

This has been a learning experience for my husband and I. We both work and needed a team that would oversee every detail while we were not there. Savena Doychinov, the designer and Dimitri, her husband and project manager, were there every step of the way. I loved to hear them discuss particular issues and come up with the best solution possible. They are both extremely knowledgeable and never cut corners, even if it was more time and money for them. They always made sure that everything that they did was perfect.

In the many projects that I have done to improve my home and landscaping, I have never had a more professional team to work with. Savena walked us through, step by step. She narrowed down our choices and always guided us properly. Her vision is incredible. Savena’s education, years of experience and connections to artisans of many crafts culminated in an outcome that was beyond my highest expectations. We told Savena and Dimitri that we wanted a WOW project and they certainly delivered!

M Hugel


I first hired Savena, probably about 25+ years ago, to design two small apartments in the basement of our historic townhouse, space that included two kitchens and two and one-half bathrooms. More recently, about eight years ago, we again hired her to design and execute a complete re-do of our third floor (making it into a beautiful master suite) and a redesign of our now much-admired second-floor guest bathroom.
Savena has an artist’s eye, works with an engineer’s precision, and combines those talents with exquisite taste. Her creations are unique — no cookie-cutter solutions from Savena — and highly sophisticated. Her designs are timeless; they don’t look stale or dated in a decade or two. Long after Savena’s job was completed, we would continue to appreciate the little touches she had made along the way, little touches that make the difference between a good job and a great job. Savena is not only an extraordinary designer, she’s an extraordinary person and delight to know.

SP Goldman


Savena Doychinov brings a very creative and personal approach to every project. We came across Savena after years of searching for a professional designer with the imagination to transform our awkward and outdated master bathroom into a private retreat. We were so impressed with her creative design and attention to detail, we hired her on the spot. When I saw the bathroom completed for the first time, I actually gasped at the extraordinary beauty of the space and its perfectly balanced design that fits our personalities and how we live in it. It was as if Savena had created my dream bathroom from inside my mind that was unknown even to me. The relationship Savena and her husband and partner Dimitri create with their clients is a true collaboration that results in a most perfect space – unique and tailor made. For us, the result is a timeless, elegant design that is practical for everyday use.

Space being at a premium, in her design Savena exploited every square inch to create a highly functional and very beautiful master bath for us. Savena and Dimitri’s demand for perfection and the exceptional pride they take in their work is evident in the smallest details. They are both always mindful of budgets and quick to point out ways to achieve intended effects more efficiently with long-term value in mind. This design team brings to bear natural talent, expertise, trustworthiness and master craftsmanship that cannot be replicated. The results are extraordinary and timeless



I’ve had the pleasure of working with Savena on numerous kitchen projects over the last 8 years. In thirteen years of working in the Kitchen and Bath industry I’ve NEVER worked with someone who has more attention to detail and unique creativity than Savena. Like most industries there are people who care and people who don’t. For me, it’s important to work with the former because they actually care about the quality of their work and the people they are doing the work for. There’s always a huge difference in the final results of a home project when comes to working with people who care. I try and work exclusively with these types of people because I consider myself that type of person. Out of the numerous companies that I prefer to deal for this reason I consider Design Studio International to be one of [if not] the best. When working with Savena and her husband just know that your money is well spent and the end results will be remarkable.

Joe Hilferty


Savena’s firm custom designed and built two projects for me – a wall-long master closet, and a challenging solution to a room set off only by an exposed structural column. The first project was beautifully executed, and seemed magically to double my closet space due to the ingenious understanding of space. The second project resulted in a frame with an elegant arch which is now the most striking feature of my living room. They are wonderful … as well as under budget. The more recent work is pictured below in my amateur photo of the arch work; also see the “before” photo of what became the master closet they feature here. The price below includes the cost of both projects.



We have worked with Savena on many projects throughout our house: the kitchen, master bath, powder room, 3 other bathrooms, our front entrance, etc. She transformed each of these dated and unattractive rooms into highly functional, unique and beautiful spaces we love to be in. Her fresh, creative, yet timeless designs always achieve the best possible use of the space. She listened and incorporated my ideas as well – it was a true collaboration and the end results have always exceeded our expectations. Many of these projects have been published or won a design award. I highly recommend working with Savena on your next project – for her great design solutions, attention to detail, high quality construction and because she truly cares about her clients and projects.
We have worked with Savena since 2001 as we have remodeled different rooms in our house, so we have a 10+ year relationship with her. She is fabulous!!!!